ICHRA Made Easy

benefitbay™ makes rapid ICHRA deployment simple for employers of all sizes. Plan modeling and compliance support for employers + plan selection and enrollment support for employees.

benefitbay provides a first-of-its-kind suite of tools for brokers, employers, and employees. An end-to-end solution that will manage the entire process with ease.  


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Step 1. Compare

Our Fulcrum™ tool lets you compare and adjust  available options to maximize savings and arrive at a contribution level that is right for your org.

Step 2. Set Up 

We will generate documents, provide a tax advantaged banking tool, verify employee enrollment and provide an employer dashboard for complete control.

Step 3. Enroll

Employees will be guided through a simple process to select and enroll in the plan that’s right for them. They can manage every aspect of their plan through their employee dashboard.

Small Business Owners

Our Subsidy Advantage™ tool allows your employees to decide between subsidy dollars or  your employer contribution. This can dramatically lower costs for employers and employees, alike. 

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