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Large Employers:


No more guessing what plans are best for your employees.  Compare a tax advantaged ACA Affordable ICHRA plan to your current plan.  Set your contributions to a level that best suits the goals of your organization. 

Compare and adjust all available options in minutes to maximize savings and offer flexible employer contributions to give your employees the equivalent purchasing power to get a plan that is right for their family.  


Small Employers:

With no ACA requirement to offer affordable coverage you can leverage our SubsidyAdvantage tool and allow your employees to take advantage of available subsidy dollars or utilize the employer contribution depending on what is best for their own situation. 


Reduce expense while still offering tax advantaged competitive coverage.  



Set up 

Choose to offer additional options to your employees with proprietary dental, vision, life and disability plans with no underwriting needed.  Offer to pay for all, part, or none of the cost and let your employees decide.  

With Banking with benefitbay, each employee gets their own account to purchase their plans.  As the employer you supply the funds and recover those costs via your ICHRA reimbursement and payroll deduction for the employees portion all on a pre-tax basis.   

Set your open enrollment period and let benefitbay take it from there.  We will generate your plan documents and guide the employees through their available options.  

You can monitor the progress and enrollments along the way  with ease in your employer dashboard.  Payments, new hires, employee changes are all easy to mange with the first of its kind and best in class user experience of benefitbay.  




Employees can go through an easy  step by step process  on their computer or mobile device to choose the plans they want at a cost they can afford. Banking with benefitbay provides an account they can use so that they do not have to use their own bank account while under your ICHRA plan. 


If you are a small employer and utilized SubsidyAdvantage,  benefitbay will show them their available subsidies and let them choose to use those dollars or the employer offered contribution.  Employees can enroll in any available ACA individual plan in their area.  They can shop on their own using our online tools and partners, or call in and have an experienced licensed agent guide them through the process and answer any questions they may have.  

Already have a plan?  That works too, simply upload the proof of coverage and take advantage of the available employer dollars and pre-tax payments by updating the billing method to the provided Banking by benefitbay account.  

Once enrolled your employees can manage their plans, cost, and coverage in their benefitbay portal throughout the year.    


What is this ICHRA "ICK-RA" I have heard so much about?  


First available on January 1, 2020, ICHRA stands for individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement. ICHRA is a health benefit for employers of all sizes that allows businesses, nonprofits, churches, and other groups to reimburse employees tax-free for qualified medical expenses. Employees can choose any ACA eligible individual plan in their area as their major medical option.   


The federal government requires employees participating in the ICHRA to have individual health insurance. Employees covered by a spouse's group health insurance plan, employees participating in a health care sharing ministry, or employees who choose to go without health insurance coverage cannot participate in the ICHRA.


Eligibility requirements are set by the employer offering the ICHRA. Employers can base employee eligibility on seven different employee classes:

  1. Salaried employees

  2. Hourly employees

  3. Seasonal employees

  4. Full-time employees

  5. Part-time employees

  6. Employees in different locations, based on rating areas

  7. A combination of the above classes

Inside of these classes benefitbay offers you and your broker a first of its kind tool to dial in on all of the available contribution options that can take into account all the options allowed. 


Employees have different needs and different plans depending on their location.  You as the employer no longer need to d guess what plans are best and reduce benefits to try and fit a budget.   Benefitbay will guide you though the process to offer employees the purchasing power they need, for the plans that are best for their own situation.  

The original ICHRA solution.  The industry leading, first of its kind benefitbay process and technology makes implementation easy.  From premium payment, compliance, day to day plan management and guiding all of your employees through plan selection,  benefitbay has you covered.  

ICHRA can be easy with the benefitbay advantage.  

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