Personalized benefits for the modern workforce

Benefitbay is an end-to-end ICHRA administration platform for brokers and their clients. A full-service technology suite for simplified employee benefits.

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The fastest-growing benefit product on the market

Benefitbay leverages an all-new benefit option called ICHRA, which allows employers to reimburse employees for individual health plans while maintaining the tax advantages of a group insurance policy.

ICHRA made easy

Benefitbay gives employees the purchasing power to buy the best benefits to meet their own specific needs. We’ve zeroed in on the key features of ICHRA and built a platform focused on simplicity, compliance, smooth deployment, savings, and support.

4 simple steps. End-to-end

1: Check Fit

Our Fulcrum tool enables brokers to help clients preview how their company and employees may benefit from an ICHRA plan
in minutes.

2: Model

Arrange employees into approved classes like location, salaried vs. hourly, and age. Set your budget and assign a strategic contribution for each class.

3: Enroll

Employees are guided through simple shopping & enrollment. They can select any individual plan available to them in their location, on or off exchange.

4: Deploy

Advanced Reimbursement Accounts (ARC) are funded for automatic monthly premium payments. Pre-tax payroll deductions are set up for off-exchange plans & all plan documents are created.

Why is Benefitbay better than other ICHRA platforms?


Our Fulcrum tool allows real-time visualization of your ICHRA plan. Employers and their brokers can sort employees into classes with different contribution amounts for each class and make adjustments in real-time. Compliance is built-in as they strategize their plan.

Other ICHRA Platforms

Other ICHRA platforms have limited plan modeling functionality. Employers enter their information and, days later, receive a static proposal. No assurance of compliance, no ability to make changes without a lengthy delay.


Our Subsidy Advantage tool provides employees with visibility of the government subsidy dollars available to them. Often subsidy dollars are greater than the employer contribution, and both employer and employee lower their cost.

Other ICHRA Platforms

With other ICHRA platforms, a small business employee may pay for their plan using an employer contribution, not realizing they could receive a higher level of financial support through available government subsidies.


Advanced Reimbursement Checking (ARC) accounts are established for each employee. Accounts are set for automatic payment, pre-funded with the employer contribution and the employee’s portion of the premium. A payroll file is provided for deductions.

Other ICHRA Platforms

On other ICHRA platforms, the employee pays the full premium and files for reimbursement as an expense. This often creates financial hardship or lapses in coverage for the employee and administrative burden for the employer.

What is ICHRA?

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement

ICHRA (pronounced IK-RAH) is a new benefit product stemming from legislation passed in 2019. ICHRAs have quickly become the fastest growing form of employer health benefits in the US. They mark the beginning of the "Personalized Benefits" movement, which experts predict will soon overtake group benefits in much the same way pensions were replaced by the 401K. With ICHRAs, employees can enroll in an individual health plan that meets their own, highly specific needs, with the same financial support from their employer they enjoyed with a group plan. For employers, not only do ICHRAs remove the pressure of trying to select a group plan that works for everyone, but they also provide employers with a fixed, predictable, and often lower cost of providing health benefits for their team.

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