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Table of Contents

Understanding ICHRA and How to Sell It

What is ICHRA?

Successful ICHRA Deployment (47:12)
The Power of ICHRA (41:26)



Presenting ICHRA to Prospects

Understanding the Right Client Fit for ICHRA (26:31)
ICHRA Solutions
for 5 Challenging Group Health Renewals (43:27)


Employer Overview
End to End ICHRA Administration
Understanding your ICHRA Benefits
ICHRA Sales Presentation-Broker to Employer
Introduction to ICHRA-Broker to Employer

ICHRA Differences Between Large and Small Employers

Large Group ACA Overview
Small Group ICHRA Overview

Individual vs. Group Coverage Maps

Ideon Planwatch Medical (ACA) 2023
Individual vs. Small Group Premiums

Creating A Written Proposal

ICHRA Presentation Template

Pre-Enrollment Activities – ICHRA Setup

The tasks in this section will enable you to set up an ICHRA for your Employer. All tasks can be completed using the Benefitbay platform.

A Guide to the Employee Experience

Benefitbay Employee Experience

Registering New Employer Groups in benefitbay™

Employer Group Registration Form

Enrollment Timeline

100 Day Tracker
Timeline Example

ICHRA Offer of Coverage Notice (90-day Notice)

Use During National Open Enrollment
Use For SEPs and QLEs

Census Files – Quoting & Final Templates

BB Quoting Census Template
Final Census Template


Employer ACH Authorization

Plan Documents

Sample ICHRA Plan Document
Personalized benefits for the modern workforce.
Benefitbay leverages a new benefit option called ICHRA that enables employers to reimburse employees for individual health plans while maintaining the tax advantages of a group insurance policy.