Personalized benefits for the modern workforce.

Benefitbay is an end-to-end ICHRA administration platform for brokers and their clients – A full service technology suite for simplified employee benefits.

The fastest growing benefit product on the market.

Benefitbay leverages an all-new benefit option called ICHRA, which allows employers to reimburse employees for individual health plans while maintaining the tax advantages of a group insurance policy.


Benefitbay gives employees the purchasing power to buy the best benefits to meet their own specific needs. We’ve zeroed in on the key features of ICHRA and built a platform focused on simplicity, compliance, smooth deployment, savings, and support.

4 Simple Steps. End-to-end

Step 1:
Check for Fit

Our Fulcrum tool enables your broker to help you preview how your company and employees may benefit with an ICHRA plan - in minutes.

Step 2:

Arrange employees into approved classes like location, salaried vs hourly, and age. Set your budget and assign a contribution for each class.

Step 3:

Employees are guided through simple shopping & enrollment. They can select any individual plan available to them in their location, on or off exchange.

Step 4:

Advanced Reimbursement Accounts (ARC) are funded for automatic monthly premium payments. Pre-tax payroll deductions are set-up for off-exchange plans & all plan documents are created.

benefitbay HAS YOU COVERED

with best-in-class tools & support.


Our support team is standing by to help brokers, employers, and employees with a smooth deployment.

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Our cutting edge suite of proprietary tools built into an easy to use, comprehensive ICHRA solution.

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Subsidy Advantage™

Small business clients are using benefitbay Subsidy Advantage™ to cut their benefit costs by 60%, or more.

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We created the world's first solution

for personalized benefits.

Benefitbay™ began developing our ICHRA platform in 2012. We solved deployment hurdles before others were getting started. Our management pairs years of combined experience in health benefits with a best-in-class team of engineers. The result - the world's first, end-to-end ICHRA administration platform. A simple, streamlined suite of tools that will manage every aspect of ICHRA from plan modeling and compliance to deployment and enrollment. Our compliance standards have been rigorously tested by one of the leading consulting firms in the country, enabling brokers and their clients to rest assured their ICHRA plans live up to both regulatory standards and employee expectations.

How can Benefitbay
Help brokers succeed?

01. Sales

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02. Deployment

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(Pronounced IK-RAH)

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursment Arrangement

ICHRAs are a new benefit product stemming from legislation passed in 2020. ICHRAs have quickly become the fastest growing form of employer health benefits in the U.S.. They mark the beginning of the Personalized Benefits movement which experts predict will soon overtake group benefits in much the same way company pensions were replaced by the 401K. With ICHRAs, employees can now enroll in an individual health plan that meets their own, highly specific needs, with the same financial support from their employer that they enjoyed with a group plan. For employers, not only do ICHRAs remove the pressure of trying to select a group plan that works for everyone, but they also provide employers with a fixed, predictable, and often lower cost of providing health benefits for their team.

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