The premier solution for ICHRA benefits



The premier solution

for ICHRA benefits

Benefitbay began developing our ICHRA platform in 2012. We solved deployment hurdles before others were getting started. Our management pairs years of combined experience in health benefits with a best-in-class team of engineers. The result - a simple, streamlined suite of tools that will manage every aspect of ICHRA from plan modeling and compliance to deployment and enrollment. Our compliance standards have been rigorously tested by one of the leading consulting firms in the country, enabling brokers and their clients to rest assured their ICHRA plans live up to both regulatory standards and employee expectations.
Award winning ICHRA technology


ICHRA technology

In 2013, Benefitbay was ahead of its time, and ahead of legislation. When ICHRA passed in 2019, our partners urged us to relaunch and properly service this new opportunity. Why? Because our technology solves for each of the common problems with ICHRA administration:
FULCRUM: Solves real-time modeling and compliance
ARC: Advanced Reimbursement Checking is widely considered the best ICHRA premium payment solution.
SUBSIDY ADVANTAGE: Puts government subsidy dollars to work for small businesses

Brokers will save time, and employers will save money with administrative tasks managed by Benefitbay.

Broker Support

Our support team trains brokers on how to use our simple suite of tools. We provide sales materials and a dashboard for ongoing ICHRA account management. We make it easy to model ICHRA plans and deploy with the click of a button. We ensure compliance and, for small businesses, put government subsidy dollars to work for your clients.

Employer Support

Our support team helps ensure smooth deployment of all Benefitbay plans. We generate plan documents, set up ARC accounts for advanced reimbursements, verify enrollment, and provide payroll files to process deductions. We automate and support nearly all aspects of plan management to make administration easy for employers. Our employer dashboard provides at-a-glance visualization and control of their plan.

Employee Support

Our support team will guide employees by phone or chat as they enroll in a plan tailored to their own specific needs. ARC accounts ensure they are never out-of-pocket, with automatic payments to ensure no lapses in coverage. The employee dashboard provides complete information about the plan they’re enrolled in, and since they now own their plan, they can take it with them if they change jobs. We’ll help them set up alternative payment.

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